How To Install Heated Grips On Your Motorcycle?

Motorcycle Heated Grips Kuwait

Motorcycle Heated Grips Kuwait

Any Kuwait biker knows that there are many situations in which it can be either a little cold outside or you might end up needing some way to heat up, especially if you plan on going on long roads or outside the country. It’s a good idea to get heated grips and read the installation instructions in order to familiarize yourself with the parts.

Before you start with anything, you need to perform a trial run which requires you to connect the grips, switch and the lead. This will allow you to see if everything works as expected, if not you should return the package and get a new set of heated grips.

You will have to remove the seat and then disconnect the battery at the negative terminal. This is a necessity because many times you will have to deal with electrical issues or shortcircuits if you plan to connect the cables. Make sure that you disconnect the negative to remove this threat.

After you do that, you will need to unscrew the tank as well. Also, make sure that this is connected to the frame and other components. Once the tank is unscrewed you can safely remove it and undo the side cover. It’s quite tedious to do, but if you want to add heated grips it’s a necessary step.

Continue by unscrewing the fuel cock extension and then you have to disconnect the tank ventilation, as well as all the vacuums and fuel hoses. Remember that you will need to do this quickly, however focus on safety as that is essential all the time.

Lift the grip with your screwdriver and then try to free it from the handlebar with the help of either a diluted dishwashing liquid or a brake cleaner. You will then have to disconnect the throttle cable and then take the throttle tube off the handlebar.

You will then have to carefully saw off the protrusions on the throttle tube and then use smooth sanding techniques in order to reduce the diameter. You then need to degrease and clean the left end of the handlebar, all while applying an adhesive to the inner side of the grip.

Now you reached the main installation process, in which you have to add the heated grips with its cable outlet facing down, then you need to repeat the same process for the throttle tube. Remember that the cables shouldn’t get caught at a full lock, and try to fix the switch to both the handlebars and controls.

After this is done, you just have to connect to the battery cable, find a great place where you can perform a secure relay mount. Always use the insulated cables for making the connection and make sure that you remove the switched positive from the starter relay. Mount the tank back on, place the seat and you are done!

In conclusion, the ability to add a heated grips can come in handy, but do make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter. It might be a hard task to perform for some of us, so don’t hesitate to ask for professional help!

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