How To Perform Chain Maintenance Fast!

Chain Maintenance Kuwait

Chain Maintenance Kuwait

One of the things that you always need to note when it comes to maintaining your bike properly is to make sure that you always invest in the proper equipment the right way. This is especially true when it comes to chain maintenance, mainly because it brings in front a multitude of great mechanics which are truly impressive.

Before you get to the chain, you need to remove the cover, footrest and the gearshift. Make sure that you watch for a possible clutch actuator when you remove the cover, so try to not disengage it. In order to secure the motorbike, you will need to place it in the first gear and then you can engage the rear brake. This will allow you to release the sprocket properly. Remember that there are multiple sprocket types and fixtures, so focus on them. Just remove the locking device first and then loosen the nut of the sprocket or the fastening bolt.

Once that is done, you will need to remove the rear wheel. Never jack the bike up and instead remove the chain guard as well as the rear hugger if they are fitted. You will also need to hold the wheel in a secure manner and also let it slide towards the floor all while removing it from the chain.

Now you will need to replace the chain wheel, and you can do that by unscrewing the sprocket from the mount you can find on the rear wheel. Make sure that you fit some new tab washers and some self locking nuts, as they are very important. You need to continue by cleaning the mount and then adding in a new sprocket. After everything is in place you will need to see if all the pieces are in order and if they are working properly.

After everything is completed, you will need to remove the swing arm. It’s not a process that most of us will enjoy, but it has to be done. Remove the brake hose from the swing arm, but still leave it attached to the caliper or it won’t have a good result when it comes to the brake system. You will need to make sure that the chain maintenance is performed fast, otherwise the results might not be as you expect.

After you remove the linkage and swing arm, you will need to install the new chain sprocket, then the challenge comes from cleaning, greasing and re-assembling. The final step you need to undergo here is to adjust the chain tension which is crucial to say the least. You will need to make sure that these steps are followed to the letter if you want to perform chain maintenance properly, and you can rest assured that the results will be more than impressive at the end of the day.

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