Kuwait Bikers!

Kuwait Bikers Group

Kuwait Bikers Group

If you are a Biker that owns a motorcycle or like to ride one, then you are welcome to join Kuwait Bikers group.

We are proud to announce that Kuwait Bikers group is reformed and back. Our moto is to create a family of bikers not only share rides, but also share a lifestyle, and be one hand in Sickness and in Health.

We all know that the new trend that started in 2010 is that every old Biker, or someone wished to ride a motorcycle started to own one after retirement, since Kuwait has not much social activities during the day, and staying at home is very boring for a retired person, these elements made so many gentlemen consider to own a motorcycle after retirement.

Kuwait Bikers group wants to create weekly activities during the riding season, these activities does not include the riders only, but also their families and kids. There are many great historical and entertaining places in Kuwait that bikers alone or with their families can enjoy a day out.

Many people in Kuwait don’t understand how bikers live their daily life and what makes riding a motorcycle is more fun activity to practice more than hanging in cafe’s or sheesha places, that’s why we created the group website to document and post these activities.

We also give the website visitors the chance to learn many tips and advises from experts and brand names regarding how to handle your motorbike in Kuwait and take care of it so you can have less trouble on the road and enjoy your daily rides.

If you wish to join Kuwait Bikers group, kindly click HERE to fill out the membership form.


The first established bikers group in Kuwait, since 1996.

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